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核心提示:元青花瓷(又称元青花),即元代生产的青花瓷器。青花瓷生产于唐代,兴盛于元代。成熟的青花瓷出现在元代的景德镇,纹饰最大特点是构图丰满,层次多而不乱。 英文翻译: Yuan blue and white porcelain (also known as Yuan blue and white porcelain), that is, bl



Yuan blue and white porcelain (also known as Yuan blue and white porcelain), that is, blue and white porcelain produced in the Yuan Dynasty. Blue and white porcelain was produced in the Tang Dynasty and flourished in the Yuan Dynasty. Mature blue-and-white porcelain appeared in Jingdezhen in the Yuan Dynasty. The biggest feature of the decoration is the plump composition and many levels without chaos.



Yuan blue and white porcelain greatly changed the implicit and restrained style of traditional porcelain, and gave a concise pleasure with vivid visual effects. With its magnificent spirit and original spirit of art, the blue and white painting art was pushed to the top, which established the prosperity and long-lasting of the blue and white porcelain in later generations.



The blue-and-white porcelain of the Yuan Dynasty had heavy and firm tires, thicker walls and more large vessels. Due to the large amount of impurities, there are mostly iron brown spots in the tire. The fetus is made of Kaolin hemp soil. The characteristics of Kaolin hemp soil are white but not fine, because at that time the conditions of crushing were limited and the process was limited, so many pores could be seen. The current tire is very thin and has no pores. In the past, old tire mud has undergone a stale process, and organic matter will change after staleness. Therefore, its tires have a delicate feeling, and the tires made now look very dry without being stale. The plasticity of porcelain raw materials processed by modern machinery is generally not as good as the raw materials prepared by hand in the Yuan Dynasty. The popular ceramic molding process in modern Jingdezhen is: three-point blanking and seven-point trimming. In other words, the forming of the utensils is mainly repaired with a knife. The Yuan Dynasty process is the opposite. It is a seven-point blanking and three-point trimming, mainly due to the strong plasticity of the Yuan Dynasty mud, which can be drawn very thin, so the upper half and the interior of the utensils do not need to be trimmed at all, just Simple trimming of the lower half and rim. Therefore, the mouth and neck of the artifacts of the Yuan Dynasty are smooth, rounded in shape, and do not drop the knife marks.



The blue and white hair colors of this collection are rich, elegant and blue gray. Lunyan is made of imported Su Ni Bo green material, and elegant is mixed with imported materials and domestic materials. A considerable portion of blue and white flowers have black spots and are darker. The most positive type of blue and white flowers use imported Su Ma Li green material, and Su Ma Li green material has a characteristic, that is, high-speed iron and low manganese, blue and white blue with a little purple, blue and green slightly green. The main component of "Subney Blue" used in the Yuan Dynasty was cobalt oxide with a small amount of iron oxide. Under the action of high temperature, the iron oxides in "Subney Blue" will aggregate with each other in the silicate liquid, forming dark crystalline spots. Observed under a microscope, most of the sauce brown spots sink under the glaze.



Although my country has already fired blue and white porcelain as early as the Tang Dynasty, mature blue and white porcelain was born in the Yuan Dynasty. The Yuan Dynasty was an important period of succession. It was less than a hundred years before and after the Yuan Dynasty. As a dynasty, although it was short, the Yuan blue and white flower was a dazzling pearl in my country's porcelain. In the history of my country, Yuan blue and white porcelain was used as a spreader of traditional Chinese culture and sold to the Middle East overseas. In the Yuan Dynasty porcelain market, large-scale blue and white porcelain was the most valuable. Porcelain in the past dynasties mostly used small pieces as the essence, with the exception of the blue and white porcelain in the Yuan Dynasty. Once there is a stable and tall, beautiful and elegant decoration, a solemn and simple style, and a complete and unique style of blue and white flowers on the market, it must be an extremely sought-after lot.

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